A Long Day of Zege and a Job Well Done

By Jim Moyer, UC Engineering Student and EWB-UC member, and Richard Elliott, Executive Director of Village Life Outreach Project

Monday evening, around 6 p.m., a tired crew posed for a picture at the Kingigoro Primary School site.  5 EWB members, 2 Village Life mentors, and a large group of employees and volunteers from the Burere Village had been working for 8 long days to see this moment. The foundation of a new 2 classroom building was dug, formed and poured.  Everyone was exhausted and dirty from a day of concrete mixing, placing and finishing.  An amazing 64,000 pounds of concrete had been placed by hand in a single day.  We mixed 90 bags of cement weighing 50 kg each with over 50 wheel barrows of sand to get to our 16 cubic yard goal.  The work was backbreaking and hot, but everyone enjoyed themselves by laughing and shouting ‘Zege, Zege’ (Kiswahili for concrete) at different times.  We managed to finish half of the job before lunch and completed the other half before dark.  The total day, including travel, lasted over 12 hours.  The Burere Community now has a strong foundation upon which Engineers Without Borders, Village Life and the community will continue to build on.

A big thanks goes out to everyone who made this possible starting with the EWB-UC travel team:

Students- Jim Moyer, Justin Thompson, Andrew Griggs, Kelsey Reichenbach, Zach Banachowski;

Mentors – Emily Roush Elliott and Richard Elliott (Village Life)

The EWB design team and mentors- Tom Bible (UC), Julie Cromwell and Jason Jones (THP)

and everyone who has contributed time, donation and advice for the project.

The team begins making bricks for the walls Monday, June 25th.

For more updates, visit the EWB-UC blog at http://ewbucin.blogspot.com

The Engineers Without Borders – University of Cincinnati group with the Burere community after finishing the foundation at the new Kingigoro School building.


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