Walk in My Shoes

Wyoming and Finnytown high schools, in conjunction with Village Life Outreach Project (Village Life) hosted the service learning fundraiser “Walk in My Shoes,” a five mile walk held on Thursday, May 19, to help raise awareness of the five miles or more that Tanzanian children must walk to and from school each day.

More than 70 students from the schools joined 12 adult volunteers at Salway Park on Spring Grove Avenue. Students were asked to donate $10 – which went to Village Life and the FreeStore Foodbank –  and have signed permission slips before May 17. The group started their trek from Spring Grove to Fountain Square downtown.  Water, food and transportation back to the school were provided.

The weather was prime for such an event; sunny, but not too hot. “That was another thing we talked about along the way,” said Rae Vakerics, the volunteer coordinator for Village Life. “Imagine making this walk in 95 degree-plus weather with the sun beating down on you. We had it a little easier.”

Initially, the students simply enjoyed the time outside the classroom, but the reality of the lengthy voyage soon began to sink in.  “About an hour in, the realization that children in the world actually walk this far just to go to school, starting popping in their discussions more frequently,” said Vakerics.

We’d like to thank Wyoming and Finnytown high schools for coming out and supporting a cause with us. Special thanks to Rae Vakerics for representing Village Life’s dedication to bringing awareness to the situations in Tanzania.


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