A Café, a Cause and Bow-Ties

Bow Tie Cafe Event

In light of a new partnership, the Village Life Outreach Project (Village Life) and Bow Tie Cause hosted a meet and greet party at the Bow Tie Café in Mount Adams on Friday June 3, 2011.

The party proved to be a major success. Village Life and Bow Tie Cause raised more than $1,700 with the Bow Tie Café bubbling over its maximum occupancy throughout most of the night. “The place had really good energy,” said Village Life’s Executive Director, Richard Elliot. The party served as a forum for fans and followers of Village Life and Bow Tie Cause.

Beyond its social benefits, the party celebrated the new partnership between Village Life and Bow Tie Cause. “Since meeting Dr. [Chris] Lewis, I have been a fan of Village Life and the work they do both locally and globally,” said Bow Tie Cause founder, and Cincinnati Bengals middle-linebacker, Dhani Jones. “It takes a tremendous amount of commitment to start a non-profit that serves people in Africa and I admire what Village Life is accomplishing through their efforts.”

Village Life's bow-tie through Bow Tie Cause

Jones founded Bow Tie Cause after his friend Kunta Littlejohn was diagnosed with Lymphoma. “I supported my friend Kunta Littlejohn through his plight with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and his survivorship of that cancer. That’s my cause,” said Jones during a Fox Sports interview. “I hope to help other people find their own cause.”

To that end, Jones’ Bow Tie Cause will design and sell custom Village Life bow-ties. The bow-ties will be available for $57 from the Village Life Night on the Serengeti website or email vlop.africa@gmail.com, with each sale serving as a donation to Village Life. The Village Life bow-tie design will feature a pattern in the likeness of the bricks used to build Village life’s Roche Health Center in Tanzania.

Thanks again to Bow Tie Cause and all of those that came out to support. Special thanks to Dhani Jones and Bow Tie Cause CEO Chad Williamson.
Thanks to the Bow Tie Cafe staff and management.


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