Cincinnati Enquirer: Finneytown students Learn the Life

Finneytown High School students spent a week learning just how a student in Tanzania spent theirs.

The Learn the Life program was organized by junior Phil Reinhart, social studies teacher and Community Service Program adviser Lynn Volz and Dr. Chris Lewis.

Lewis is a 1992 Finneytown graduate and founder of the Village Life Outreach Project.

Lewis founded the nonprofit organization after he made his first trip to Africa during his family medicine training in 2003.

Since then, the project has created water purification systems, distributed mosquito nets to prevent malaria, and started a school lunch program to combat severe malnutrition in school-age children.

Finneytown students have been staunch supporters of Lewis’ efforts and last week was no exception.

Reinhart has been involved with the Village Life mission for two years.

Finneytown High School teacher Lynn Volz dishes out rice to students during a weeklong Learn the Life project. Provided

“I really want to help,” he said. “This Learn the Life week will hopefully raise money and awareness.

“We live excellent lives and just showing how much water we use everyday and how much a student in Tanzania uses is incredible.

“We take so much for granted.”

The week of activities he helped organize started with a 30-hour fast with students buying bowls of rice for lunch.

Students also donated change and paid to sketch chalk drawings on campus sidewalks.

The week ended with a Nets for Nets competition and presentation by Lewis.

“I’m hoping that with all the fundraising things we’re doing all week,” Reinhart said, “we’ll be able to present Dr. Lewis with a check for about $2,000.”

by Heidi Fallon

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